Established in 1998, Autorolla became one of the major car accessories distributors in Russia.

Currently, Autorolla holds a strong position in the TOP-5 leading companies on the car electronics market, providing all of our partners with high-quality products under PARKCITY, Whistler and Stealth brands.


To provide a car owner with space of security and comfort:

- to cover many areas of customer’s demand: parking assistance systems, automobile digital videorecorders, radar-detectors, car alarms and immobilizers in security sphere; lightning goods, rear-view cameras, monitors, bluetooth hands-free, in-cabin accessories in comfort sphere,

- to integrate different products into single whole system.

To be socially strong through our forces:

- to develop our own products from-scratch, not to be just an OEM-maker,

- to have most powerful sales force in number of emloyees and representatives,

- to elaborate more sophisticated products than our competitors,

- to choose quality-vector instead of price-vector.

To be most reliable business partner:

- not to promise more then you can do,

- to always meet your commitments,

- to examine the reputation as an absolute value.


 More than just a compliance to national standards:

- full localization of box, user’s manual, warranty card and other papers,

- implementation of russian language support in software,

- technical adaptation of the product to local circumstances.

 Wide in-field support:

- technical / product / sales trainings,

- up to 3 years of warranty,

- field application engineer to help «on-place»,

- hot line for partners and retail customers,

- reimbursement of service works,

- RMA for 1st-tier partners and spare parts stock.

 First class service:

- Our service-partner is pro-service that is No.1 service centers network having over 100 outlets in 86 cities of Russia. Pro-service is a master service provider for such vendors as HTC and Samsung.

If you have a query / request / suggestion or if you are interested in a particular product or service, please email us: autorolla@autorolla.ru

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